Britney Earns A 'TRL' #1... One More Time

TRL's always been known for famous -- and favorite -- firsts -- the first time you saw an artist completely crush Times Square -- Backstreet Boys did it, and so did Eminem. The first of Diddy's 36 (!!!?!?!) appearances, or Jennifer Lopez's 17 appearances (remember when she was super obviously pregnant?), or Christina Aguilera's 13. Or the first time you saw Mariah Carey's midriff, or Mariah pushing an ice cream cart, or both! Michael Phelps' abs' first appearance.  Tokio Hotel's first time on TRL.

But, TRL's most important firsts have always been the videos. And today's countdown was all about the top 10 biggest videos that made their debut on TRL: Avril's conflicted "Complicated" video made it to #9 today, while TRL veteran Eminem's "My Name Is" made it to #4. Justin Timberlake's "Like I Love You" scored an enviable #3, while Christina Aguilera's "Genie In a Bottle" resurfaced to earn the now-married mom a respectable #2.

But no one, not no one, has earned more TRL love than show pioneer Britney Spears, whose "Baby One More Time" reached another #1 when it became TRL's #1 favorite first video (the song also turned 10 today!)

Watch "Baby One More Time" below, check out more videos here after the jump, and stay tuned for a very big TRL announcement.