The Cab Tour Diary, Part 1: Where The Hell Is San Jose?

A few things you need to know about The Cab's Alex DeLeon: He hates almond candy, he's got a great hook shot (and an even greater victory dance), but he's not so good on the West Coast geography. His interests include gambling in Sin City, Denny's and attending fake birthday parties for his tour manager. And if you squint your eyes a little, he kinda looks (exactly) like Carolina Liar's Chad Wolf.

Meanwhile, if you like getting to know Mr. DeLeon -- and all the other Alexes from The Cab -- you're gonna love this exclusive behind-the-scene tour footage. So watch as the guys grab a flipcam and show us what goes down in between shows. That is, assuming you can get past the distractingly dope performance shots long enough to pay attention.