New Video: T-Pain, 'Chopped N Screwed'

Crazytime custom-made Wonka hat? Check. Oakleys? Sho 'nuff. Robo-voice trickery exploited the point of minor misery? Duh. Virtual elephant bartender? But of course! It's T-Pain's new video, "Chopped N Screwed," yet I don't know whether I'm watching one of those HP "the computer is personal again" commercials or I stepped into some hyper-cross-branded Second Life strip-club scenario.

If this song were about swagger and playah hatin' and everything, it'd be particularly egregious, but T-Pain manages to keeps it somewhat real (in a virtual sense), opting to hide the everyman sting of rejection with Auto-Tune and a beat-you-over-the-head bludgeoning of his new album's circus theme. We get it, T. Thr33 Ringz and everything.