Buzz Bites -- 10/22/2008: 'HSM 3' Update! Vanessa Hudgens Graduates, Plus Zac Efron's Hair Will NOT Be Starring In 'Pirates 4'

+ Did you know Vanessa Hudgens has been living vicariously through her HSM alter-ego, Gabriella Montez? "I was actually homeschooled," the Disney star admitted. "[So working on 'HSM,'] I got to have my fantasy prom and got to wear a cap and gown for the first time." (MTV News)

+ Meanwhile, Zac Efron shoots down rumors that he's prepping for Pirates of the Caribbean 4. Which is a shame, really, 'cause we have a feeling Zefron would look brutally hot in an eye patch. (MTV Movies Blog)

+ Madonna's divorce proceedings take an ugly turn this morning with new rumors that Guy Ritchie was verbally abusive, possibly adulterous and all around not very nice. (

+ Eminem opens up about drugs, death and depression in his new memoir, The Way I Am. (Rolling Stone)

+ This just in: T.I.'s Paper Trail is no longer the country's #1 bestselling album. And it's all Kenny Chesney's fault. (MTV News)

+ Is Britney Spears planning the best Halloween costume ever? (Scandalist)

+ Mariah Carey is giving fans the opportunity to design her next dress! Ooh, project! (AHN)

+ 50 Cent's new album, Before I Self-Destruct, isn't exactly what one would call G-rated. "Get ready to cover your kid's ears," warns the rapper. Hear that? Earmuffs, people, earmuffs! (MTV News)