New Video: Duffy, 'Stepping Stone'

If a smoky-eyed, bed-headed, Brigitte Bardot-inspired Duffy in her new "Stepping Stone" video (not to be confused with the classic 1966 Monkees hit, "(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone)" reminds you a lil of Gwen Stefani luxuriating gorgeously yet pensively in bed in her "4 in the Morning" video, it's because Sophie Muller (Gwen's go-to director) lensed Duffy's latest clip too.

Watch the throaty, soulful songbird rue her wrong turns and wash them down with a wholesome glass of milk -- precisely why she's the anti-Winehouse, because you KNOW Amy'd chase her bad-day blues away with a couple of eight balls and a case and a half of Alize. It's only sad because it's true.

PS: That graffed-up tunnel Duffy's walking through that says "Scary" in big, huge letters? It's in the Shoreditch section of London, and it's by artist Eine. Definitely check it out if you go. It's unreal.