New Video: Jazmine Sullivan, 'Bust Your Windows'

We don't really know Jazmine Sullivan anymore. Gone are the innocent trappings of youth, the understated soulfulness and the bouncy, reggae beats we saw in "Need U Bad" -- not to mention the days where Sullivan wore her heart on her sleeve and literally begged her ex to take her back. The new Jazmine is a liberated chick, a vigilante Foxy Brown who responds to her boyfriend's unfaithfulness by taking a crowbar to his car.

Even her voice sounds different -- her new vocals deeper, throatier and more confident somehow -- giving her new video, "Bust Your Windows," the overall effect of Mary J. Blige re-imagining Carrie Underwood's "Before Her Cheats." (Or something...)

So watch both women's odes to revenge-motivated vandalism, and get acquainted with the new, tough-as-nails Jazmine. We have a feeling she's gonna be around for a long time coming.