Buzz Bites -- 10/21/2008: Is Eminem Ready To 'Relapse?'

+ Eminem's gearing up for his first new album in four years -- and all the renewed media attention that goes with it. "It's kind of catch-22," says the rapper. "I love the attention, but I don't like too much of it ... There's no desire to be that big again." (MTV News)

+ Set your alarm clocks, kids. Britney Spears will be celebrating her 27th b-day by performing live on Good Morning America. Go, go Gadget comeback! (NY Post)

+ Plus, looks like Brit may have gotten her birthday wish early! Her driving-without-a-license court case was just officially declared a mistrial. (MTV News)

+ Note to Madonna's son, Rocco: Walking around in a Yankees shirt probs isn't the best idea right now, what with all those Mommy's-shacking-up-with-A-Rod rumors. Just sayin'. (Popsugar)

+ 50 Cent just landed another major movie role! Looks like someone's been taking his Vitamin Water... (MTV News)

+ Blogger Kevin Cogill denies leaking nine songs from Guns N' Roses' new album and posting them on his website. Yeah, we're thinking it was the one-armed man. (Rolling Stone)

+ Speaking of which, there's a crazy rumor floating around that Avril Lavigne lost one of her hands! (E! Online)