New Video: Matt & Kim, 'Daylight'

Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino may be comin' atcha straight out of Williamsburg, Brooklyn (w00t!), but they're not your average, run-of-the-mill hipster band. Instead, Matt & Kim are refreshingly upbeat and dangerously danceable, with a fast-paced, quirky sound that reminds us of The B-52's... on recreational psychotropics.

Fact: We've watched their new video, "Daylight," several times now and have yet to see a single reference to Whole Foods, trucker hats or fruitarianism. We did, however, spot an amazing shower scene (hope that keyboard's waterproof!) a back-of-the-cab jam session (with the meter running, obvs) and an impromptu garbage fight.

And as the unpretentious dance punk duo proves, you don't have to wear dowdy, Bohemian threads -- or act like it hurts to smile -- in order to make it big in the indie music scene. So watch Matt and Kim say "eff you see kay" to convention in the first video off their self-titled debut album. If nothing else, you'll never look at your refrigerator door the same way again.