Locksley 'Choose Or Lose' Tour Diary, Part 2: Who Wants To Be In A 'Rock Band?'

If the theme of last week's Choose or Lose diary was practice, practice, practice, this week Locksley remembers what being in a "Rock Band" is really all about. Turns out, it has something to do with interactive video game-playing (a.k.a. "rehearsing") and giving Jerry Seinfeld-esque monologues in front of noisy, Iowan mobs. Watch as the Choose or Losers (Worst nickname ever?) give it up for their favorite -- and only -- city so far this trip (HELL YEAH, DES MOINES!!) then stay tuned to catch them in Joe Six-Pack's hometown of Minneapolis. Oh, and don't forget to vote, eh?

+ For a complete list of Choose or Lose show dates, go to Think MTV. It's kid-tested, Locksley approved!