The 'TRL' Finale Countdown Begins Tuesday!

For three days each of the next four weeks, TRL will be counting down to the show's huge finale with -- what else? -- countdown shows. If you can dream it up, TRL will be counting it down. Look for chopped and screwed nostalgic themes of music videos, guests, moments and performances twisted every which way and back.

The whole thing kicks off tomorrow, Tuesday, October 21. As if it wasn't enough that the cast of High School Musical 3 is going to be in the studio, TRL will also be counting down our favorite girl power videos. Oh yeah, you read that correctly. Girl power. Fierce, in your face, unbridled, smart, sexy and undeniable girl power.

AND ... look for TRL's Top 10 Times Square Moments. Think about it ... 10 years of holding court at the crossroads of the world, injecting celebrities into the midst of hardened New Yorkers, international tourists and the screamingest fans imaginable. There are so many moments that could/should make that list.

So, what's on those lists? Wouldn't you like to know? You would? Well, watch TRL tomorrow at 3:30 p.m. ET/PT to find out. Oh sure, we'll post the list here and on after the show airs, but step back in time for a sense of that old school TRL, where watching and waiting to find out what was on the countdown was half of the fun. (Incredible celebrities, fantastic music and, well, squealing fans make up the other half, natch.)

Keep up on all things about the November 16 TRL finale -- already including performances by Beyonce and Ludacris -- here on Buzzworthy and over on the TRL page on, where you can also get crazy swoony over pix, videos and more from 10 glorious years of TRL.