New Video: Janelle Monae, 'Many Moons'

Diddy may not have had many kind words for dissed -- and dismissed -- Danity Kane-er, Aubrey O'Day (whom Puff blasted as "raunchy" and "promiscuous" on last week's MTB Live Finale) but he's been full of praise for the newest member of his Bad Boy family, Janelle Monae. And he's not the only one. Monae's atypical blend of hip-hop, soul and old-school cabaret first attracted the attention of Outkast's Big Boi -- landing her two songs on his CD plus a memorable guesttrack on the Idlewild soundtrack.

'Course, now that she's been signed to the Bad Boy label, Monae's ready to break out and show everyone why Diddy's already touting her as the next Billie Holiday. And judging by her first music video, "Many Moons," the faux-hawked singer's already living up to the hype. Check it out, but don't be fooled by Monae's uptight, choir girl garb -- or put off by her futuristic alter-ego, Cindi Mayweather.

Monae may sing like she's from the year 2719 (seriously, that's her thing) and dress like she works at a funeral home, but girl throws down like she's on Warped Tour. Hence this totally amahzing footage of Monae taking a mosh-dive at Afro-Punk.

+ Bonus: Compare "Many Moons" to Outkast's B.O.B and note the similarity of the crazy-intense opening drums. It's like the music video equivalent of three Venti espressos!!