Buzz Bites -- 10/20/2008: Katy Perry Demands Full Credit For Embarrassing Cake Fiasco

+ Katy Perry isn't hopelessly uncoordinated -- she's an evil diabolical genius! At least, according to her boyfriend Travis McCoy, who swears Perry TOTALLY INTENDED to end her Los Premios performance by writhing around uncontrollably in a giant pile of icing. She's like a modern-day Charlie Chaplin, that one! (MTV News)

+ Rumor has it Kevin Jonas is dating nonfamous person Danielle Deleasa. Which is extremely cute in a we-hate-her-and-wish-it-were-us sorta way. (BuddyTV)

+ Faith Hill gets herself into Shape -- and proves once and for all that 41 is the new 25. (

+ Lil Wayne to re-release Tha Carter III because, well, why not? Also: he's officially someone's baby-daddy! Hey-o! (Rolling Stone)

+ Mommy-to-be Ashlee Simpson has nothing but love (and XXL maternity clothes) for her unborn child. (Popsugar)

+ Sad news, JT fans! Justin Timberlake won't be bringing "Sexyback" back ever again. At least, not until his (inevitable) Greatest Hits CD. (MTV News)

+ Rapper-turned-Pimp My Ride host Xhibit revealed that he and Michael Buble came this-close to a collaboration! Fortunately, says X, "it just didn't happen—thank god! I mean, I'm seriously an artist." Seriously? (E! Online)