New Video: Anthony Hamilton f/ David Banner, 'Cool'

You know all those music videos that depict women as gold diggers, famewhores, drama queens or the epitome of trashinesss? Yeah, this totally isn't one of them. Seriously, the chick who plays Anthony Hamilton's love interest in "Cool," (i.e. the new video featuring David Banner) has to be hands-down, the chillest person to have ever been born with two X-chromosomes.

Need proof? Despite being forced to drink crappy coffee, live without electricity (like the Amish!) and ride next to a man wearing a Madras-brimmed fedora (OMG, so fugly, right??), this unflappable female barely even raises an eyebrow. Broken tv? No problem! Broken car? Who cares?! This chick isn't gonna waste time sweatin' the small -- or even moderately large -- stuff. (And unlike, say, Melanie Griffith, the demonstrable lack of frowning doesn't even appear to be Botox-related!)

Anyhow, peep the new video from A. Ham, and while you're at it, have a listen -- the song has a certain "Don't Worry, Be Happy"-meets-Will Smith appeal. Oh, and turns out, the Beatles were right: All you need is love. And, of course, the occasional dinosaur sock puppet.

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