Plain White T's Tour Blog: Part 1

They say the only way to really know someone is to walk a mile in his shoes. And since we'd love to get to know the boys from Plain White T's a little better (and really, who wouldn't?) we figured we'd start by finding out what a day in the life of a PWT is really like.

Thankfully, drummer De'Mar Hamilton was more than happy to oblige. And you'll be happy to learn dude has a lot of love for his fans!

So check out Ham's first dispatch from the road (Literally. As in, he sent this email missive direct from the guys' tour bus!) and find out what it's like to be shooting music videos, greeting concert-goers and living large on the Rock Band Live tour. So give De'Mar a big preemptive thanky for condensing his busy, PWT life into bite-sized, bloggity segments. (And while you're at it, thank The Big Guy Upstairs for inventing Verizon -- and, by association, Blackberry Wireless Handhelds -- without which we might never have tour blogs.)

Hey. I am writing this from the back of our bus while we drive to Seattle, WA, from Sacramento. Today is a day off from the Rock Band Live tour. For us, this is our actual first day off since the tour started. At the beginning of the tour we had 2 days off, but we went and shot a video for our new single, "1234." We are excited about the new video and also excited to be on tour again in America. Our record Big Bad World is out. (If you don’t have it, you need it, so go out there and buy it!) We love playing the new songs. It’s been interesting seeing which songs people like the most. It has also been a pleasure to watch the other bands on this tour. They are all great and we are making friends with them.

Thanks to everyone who has come out to the Rock Band shows. We have been doing meet-and-greets every day. It has been awesome meeting everyone. It feels good to know you guys are there for us -- we love you! So, again, thanks. If you haven’t been out to Rock Band yet then we cannot wait to meet you. Come say hi! Anyways, that is about it. We are going to enjoy our day off in Seattle. We haven’t been there in so long; it will be nice.

See you soon!

De'Mar Hamilton