New Video(s): Beyonce, 'Single Ladies' AND 'If I Were A Boy'

Beyonce's never had any trouble reinventing herself. We've already seen her as one-third of pop powerhouse Destiny's Child, as a singer-turned-amazing actress in Dreamgirls and as a "Crazy in Love" solo artist who married Jay-Z, started her own clothing line and cemented her place in pop culture history -- in no particular order. And after "Ring the Alarm" and "Beautiful Liar" proved that Beyonce is officially uncategorizable (a non-word we invented just for her) we had no idea what to expect from B's two new music videos: "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" and "If I Were a Boy."

Turns out, "Single Ladies" isn't Beyonce at all but rather her oft-mentioned musical alter ego, Sasha. The big tipoff? Unlike B (who thinks diamond-studded engagement bands are the epitome of tackiness), this quick-stomping gal's all about getting a ring on her finger. (That is, when she's not running around in circles wearing an off-the-shoulder leotard, a smile and not much else.) Meanwhile, Beyonce digs a little deeper in her second video, "If I Were a Boy," exploring the danger of double standards by swapping booty-shaking dance moves for in-your-face social commentary.

So check out the two new videos for the two singles from Beyonce's upcoming I Am... album, and let us know what you think about The World According to Sasha, Beyonce's gender-bender of a cautionary tale and her dual foray into a black-and-white world that's anything but.