Buzz Bites -- 10/9/2008: Weezy's In Da Money - 1 Million Reasons Why It's Good To Be Lil Wayne

+ What do you get Lil Wayne for his birthday? We're not sure, but we're thinking you can't go wrong with the Louis Vuitton briefcase containing $1M in cash money. (TheYBF via Rolling Stone)

+ Beyonce semi-answers questions about her marriage to Jay-Z, droppin' deets about their wedding day and matching ring-finger tattoos PLUS her longstanding aversion to engagement rings. (MTV News)

+ Diddy has taken to the v-logs for another enlightening-but-incoherent video entry protesting political bitchassness. (HuffPo)

+ New visa alert! Lily Allen is officially un-banned from the United States of America. (Scandalist)

+ Shirley Manson's plans to promote her latest gig failed spectacularly when the Garbage gal inadvertently said something MUCH more interesting about Green Day's upcoming new album. (MTV News)

+ Newlywed ScarJo gets political by modeling the latest in stars-and-stripes apron apparel. (Just Jared)

+ Watch out, underage homophobes! One more un-PC word, and you'll have be facing the wrath of and ubiquitous gay rights' upholder Hilary Duff. (E! Online)

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