Buzz Bites -- 10/6/2008: The Deets On Miley Cyrus' Not-So-Mini Birthday Bash!

+ If you like "ogling celebrities," Hannah Montana makeovers and live performances of Billy Ray Cyrus' "Achy Break Heart," then Miley Cyrus' (super!) Sweet 16 was TOTALLY worth the ($250) price of admission! Otherwise, probably not. (Associated Press, MTV News)

+ More on the Danity Kane maybe-breakup! Will DK still be DK if they lose Aubrey (or Dawn! Or D. Woods!) to a solo career on tomorrow night's Making the Band finale?? (Remote Control)

+ Janet Jackson postpones three more shows as a result of the (as-yet undisclosed) illness that landed her in the hospital last week. We're officially concerned. (MTV News)

+ KISS has a new pair of shoes! Though, truth be told, we're still partial to these high-cut Tokio Hotel boots. (Vans)

+ Avril Lavigne has some semi-practical style advice for the babe on a budget! Well, assuming your budget is the size of Coco Chanel's. (Best Week Ever)

+ Oasis supposedly ripped off their new material from an "old-school Brit Chart powerhouse." And this time, it's not the Beatles! (Idolator)

+ Country album sales were reportedly down 16.7% through the end of the third quarter. And no, Jessica Simpson wasn't to blame. (Coolfer)

+ Jennifer Hudson's self-titled debut album is all about (What else?) Jennifer Hudson. "It introduces Jennifer the person versus all the characters," the Dreamgirls/SATC actress explains. We look forward to meeting you, Jen! (MTV News)