Artist Of The Week: Calle 13

At this point in the American presidential election cycle -– we’re down to a month and two days! -– you’re either glued to CNN/ MSNBC/ Fox News (really?)/ HufPo/ Think, and/or your go-to politiblog, or you’re so numbed by rhetoric/ metaphor/ angry ads/ your best friend’s cray-cray rantings/ that you’ve resigned yourself to watching Animal Planet until November 4th (and possibly for a few months past the election if the events of 2000 still haunt you).

Both routes are extreme and extremely understandable. But if you’re at least 18 and don’t plan on voting, then I do hope you don’t plan on bitching for the next four to eight years. Well, you can bitch, but no one’s gonna feel too sorry if you get all emo about American politics and its varied injustices when you at least had the chance to go out and vote. (And THAT, my friends, is Civics 101!)

And speaking of calling out injustices, this week’s Artist of the Week is Calle 13, Puerto Rican urban artists -- some call it reggaeton, others call it hip-hop, but Residente and Visitante call it rap with world music --- with a rich history of raising a proverbial fist (and finger) and calling out injustices like they sees 'em.

To borrow a few palabras from our friends at MTV Tr3s, "Calle 13’s swift lyrical metaphors about social injustice and violent imagery are too thick to slice into one genre." And after picking up five Latin Grammys (and a 2008 Grammy), and stirring up their share of controversy along the way, the fearlessly outspoken duo (they weren't compared to Eminem for nothing!) is prepping their third LP, Los de Atras Vienen Conmigo, for its October 7th release. But before they drop it, Calle 13 is dropping in on MTV with their own little breed of campaigning.

Calle 13’s election-themed Artist of the Week videos -- watch them all here and check out exclusive photos here -- were filmed on location at a bar in Puerto Rico. Check them out below, and after the jump, watch Residente and Visitante (with their sister, PG-13) dropping words like allegorical bombs at the 2008 MTV Tr3s VMA Pre-Party.

And please, go vote? Please? Even if it’s for the wrong guy?

+ Watch four exclusive live Calle 13 performances (and more performances here), get a First Look at their new video, "No Hay Nadie Como Tu," and get more Calle 13 at MTV Tr3s and on the Blogamole blog. And for more election coverage, check out!