Join Locksley, Murs And (Virtually) Everyone You Know For A Pre-Election Buzz Party!

We admit it -- we have a massive pop culture obsession, a raging reality tv addiction and an incurable love of terrible movies (Fact: We own The Prince and I on DVD.) But that doesn't mean we don't also like to get serious from time to time, especially when something -- like, say, next week's presidential election -- is weighing on our minds.

And since we sneakily like talking politics almost as much as we like watching reruns of My Super Sweet Sixteen, you'd better believe we're gonna be hitting up the Pre-Election Buzz Party at Virtual MTV. So join us (along with politically-active music artists like Locksley and Murs) to talk policy, snag some sweet campaign swag and, of course, to critique John McCain's performance on this weekend's SNL.

The action starts the day before Election day -- i.e. Monday, November 3rd -- so help us get the party started by logging onto Virtual MTV and joining the debate! We hope to (virtually) see you there!