Buzz Bites -- 10/31/2008: Miley Cyrus Refuses To Accept That Driver's Licenses Are Inherently Fugly

+ Miley Cyrus really, really, really wants her driver's license. But first, she'll need to learn how to parallel park. And, more importantly, to ace her (mandatory) DMV photo sesh. "I don't really want to go get my picture taken," admits the red carpet veteran. "It's, like, really hard to pick out your outfit." (MTV News)

+ Elvis Presley may have left the building --  but he hasn't gone too far. Last year the no-longer-living legend still managed to rake in a whopping $52 million. Which, incidentally, is approximately $10 million more than Madonna OR Justin Timberlake. (CMT)

+ And speaking of Madonna, did she and A-Rod really have a supa secret rendez-vous at Jerry Seinfeld's Hampton McMansion? And if so, why weren't we invited?? (

+ Apparently, Jennifer Aniston is angry at Pink for yelling at John Mayer for dating stupid women. Or something. (Showbiz Spy)

+ Amy Winehouse is officially out of the hospital -- and back to leading a life of healthy livin'. Well, you know, sort of. (E! Online)

+ FYI, that wasn't Beyonce who jumped on stage, flashed her giant rock and danced to "Single Ladies" during Jay-Z's set the other night. It was her imaginary alter-ego, Sasha. Phew, glad we cleared that up! (EurWEB)

+ 16-year-old Disney phenom Selena Gomez to star in two major motion pictures that will be produced by...Selena Gomez's brand new production company. (Hollyscoop)

+ 50 Cent says the inspiration for his new video, "Get Up" came from Will Smith's apocalyptic thriller, I Am Legend. (MTV News)