Is Tokio Hotel Really Collaborating With Miley Cyrus? Plus: Get A Sneak Peek At Bill's Tattoo!

OK, I just got back from the interview a little bit ago, and this was by far my favorite of the three times I've talked to Tokio Hotel: the guys were super relaxed, their English is better than ever (the only words that needed translating from German to English were the words for "cockroach" and "sleeping bag" and maybe a few others obscure terms), making it even easier for them to answer a handful of your bazillion questions. And eat even more candy -- I too brought them some of my all-time favorite Halloween candy, as you don't show up to a Tokio Hotel interview on Halloween without treats! It's simply not done! And I'm sorry, but Skittles are from amateurs. I'm kind of a candy pro.

Anyway, I've got about a half-hour's worth of tape to get encoded for you guys, but I wanted to post a few highlights to make your sugary weekend even sweeter.

Many of your questions were about Bill's new tattoo and the Miley Cyrus collabo rumors, so here's the transcript of both questions to set the record straight.

Check out their answers below, and check back for the video interview next week for lots of Bill, Tom, Georg, Gustav, rats real and fake, cockroaches, and a even a brief tangent about Jessica Alba and her childrearing skills!

Buzzworthy: Bill, everyone wants to know what's up with your new tattoo? Can you show it to us?

Bill: I can’t show the tattoo because it’s very huge, and I have to take off all my clothes, but I can say I have German words. But I don’t wanna tell the story about. Maybe a little bit later. But it’s a huge tattoo, and... I don’t know. I think I was at the tattoo studio for four hours. (In Germany.) And it hurts a lot.

Tom: And in German it means ‘Tom is my idol.’

Buzzworthy: Lots of fans are talking about the rumor that you're going to be collaborating Miley Cyrus. Is that true?

Tom: Yeah we heard that. It’s not true.

Bill: Yeah no. Nothing is planned. We just met her at the VMAs, and she’s very cool, but no. There's no duet or something planned.