Plain White T's Tour Blog: Part 2

We've been a little in love with the Plain White T's ever since we heard their song "Hey There Delilah," which -- in addition to being insanely romantic just happens to be about this chick we kinda, sorta, vaguely knew from college. (OK, fine, not us personally, but our old roomie's younger sister, like, totally ran track with her.)

Anyhow, we've always kinda wondered what it would it be like to have the T's lead singer, Tom Higgenson, write a special something just for us. AND NOW WE FINALLY KNOW! True, it's not the epic declaration of love we dreamed of so much as Tom's thoughts on scary movies -- and, okay, technically it was actually addressed to you guys -- but the way we see it, we're officially one step closer to becoming the future Mrs. Higgenson. (Admittedly, one very, very tiny step.)

Anyhow, if you like Halloween, horror flicks and/or getting personal letters from Tom, read on to find out what the PWT frontman's been doing to get psyched up for the spookiest day of the year.

In the spirit of Halloween, I'm trying to watch a different scary movie every night this week. Last night I watched The Strangers (with Liv Tyler) and it scared the crap out of me! It was sooooo good! To anyone who likes horror flicks, I would definitely recommend this one. Very brutal.

The other day I watched a movie called Seed that I randomly bought at Walmart cause it looked freaky. Spoiler:  DO NOT watch this movie!!! It was the biggest waste of time and money. It was terrible.

So, with a few days left before Halloween, I need some good recommendations... Help me! What is your favorite scary movie???


+ Bonus: Catch up on Plain White T's very first tour diary by hearing about life on the Rock Band Live tour, plus re-watch "Hey There Delilah" and pretend that the swoony lyrics are really about you!