Got A Question For Tokio Hotel?

I'm sure you have many many questions for Tokio Hotel, and if I were to ask 84% of them, I wouldn't have a desk to go back to after I interview them tomorrow... now go back and reread that... Right!... YES! I KNOW! I'm gonna be interviewing Tokio Hotel tomorrow at an undisclosed location (I mean, you know it's happening in New York City, but New York's a pretty big place for 22 square miles).

But if you leave a question in the comments, I'll do my absolute most bestest to try and ask it tomorrow in the time I have with the guys.

Questions of a sexual nature will not be asked, obvz, and questions about Bill's hair are maybe just a LEEEEEEETTLE boring at this point, so make 'em count!

If you live in New York you're probably screaming your brains out at Roseland right now -- hope to see some of you there! If not, hope you're enjoying your Halloween candy of choice (non-U.S. Tokio fans, your Stateside friends better have sent you some candy care packages complete with Skittles, of course), and please to enjoy my quickie Tokio Hotel interview from the parking lot of the Paramount studios in L.A. the night before the 2008 VMAs.