New Video: The Cab, 'Bounce'

Apparently, no one ever told The Cab that you're not supposed to wear white after Labor Day. 'Cause in their new video, "Bounce," the guys appear to taking a cue from Diddy and throwing a party where the first rule is "You Must Create An Entire Outfit Consisting Of All-White Clothing And Accessories," and the second rule is "Thou Shalt Not Spill." (Kidding!)

Actually, given that the drinks at this artsy-fahtsy shindig appear to be nothing more than martini glasses filled with acrylic paint, we spent pretty much the entire video waiting for someone (anyone!) to STOP THE MADNESS and start accidentally-on-purpose spilling those Crayola-colored cocktails.

Unfortunately, it takes about 3 minutes before Planet Clorox Bleach devolves into technicolor, we had plenty of time to reflect. And we came up with these four all-important conclusions:

1: Alex DeLeon's voice is much, much better than ours

2: We kinda hate everyone (except The Cab!) at this party. Especially that creepy/older Andy Warhol lookalike.

3: Omigod, WAIT A SECOND -- that's not Andy's Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump!

4: Yeah, we still don't get it.

Sadly, the first point appears to be a lost cause (Confession: We will never, ever be good at karaoke) but we're apparently not alone in thinking Stump's Warhol getup is kinda random. Because, by the end of the video -- SPOILER ALERT! -- the FOB gets totally slathered in paint, presumably by someone who, like, did NOT get what that whole Campbell's Soup Can thing was all about.

Sheezeey, when did everyone become a critic?

+ For more Cab goodness, check out their latest tour diary for a behind-the-scenes look at life on the Rock Band Live tour. (Bonus: You'll get to see Alex DeLeon perform "Bounce" in between victory dances. Eeeeee!)