Top 'TRL' Collaborations!

It's not easy to compete with Madonna and Justin ripping each other's bodies apart -- literally -- on their quest to save us all (from what, though, I'm not sure) in "4 Minutes" -- which came in at #2 on today's TRL Top Collaborations countdown -- or Madonna and Britney almost-but-not-quite making out in "Me Against the Music," which made a respectable #5. But four scantily clad ladies dressed like a tramped-n-revamped version of Cirque du Sluttay -- plus Missy Elliott -- managed to edge out Madge, Brit and Justin and make history too.

Mya, Christina Aguilera -- lookin' like the bride of Frankenstein's trashier step sister, Lil' Kim -- looking surprisingly more sophisticated than usual -- and Pink, looking like the hottest ringleader evar stole the show away from the Moulin Rouge!, the movie, in 2001 when their remake of "Lady Marmalade" (LaBelle originally recorded it back in 1974) became the second song in chart history to hit number one without being released as a commercial single.

But less boring history, more grunting, gyrating, and singing about brothels.

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