Hit The Lights Tour Diary, Part 3: I Want My Mummy!

(Credit:  Ben Ritter)

Hey there, guys and ghouls! Tomorrow's Halloween, and since we're too old to go trick-or-treating (and too young to not care) we're kicking things off with a super-spooky Hit the Lights tour diary. And having (finally!) recovered from that cafeteria melee, the guys are back to tell us their spookiest Halloween memories, fess up to their fave scary movies and let us know where they're gonna be on October 31st (Hint: It rhymes with "BEGAS, VABY, BEGAS!")

So if you're anywhere near Sin City tomorrow night, dress your dogs in something awesome, and show your love for Hit the Lights! Otherwise, sit back, enjoy the guys' third installment from the road and find out which HTLer's still haunted (so to speak) by the Halloween he spent in green face paint and a pair of undies.

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