Sisqo's 'Thong Song' Scores #1 On TRL's 'One-Hit Wonders' Countdown

Britney Spears might have taken home the title of TRL's Favorite Number-One Artist for dressing up like a bored Catholic schoolgirl -- and sticking fuzzy, pink cotton balls in her hair -- in "Baby One More Time," but that doesn't mean she's the only #1 singer to take the top-spot in TRL's finale countdowns. Truth be told, a lot of the oldies-but-goodies being re-aired these days were one-time smash hits. (Like, oh, every other song on yesterday's deliciously nostalgic Boy Band Countdown.)

But today, the man following in Brit's illustrious still-number-one footsteps was former chart-topper Sisqo, who is best (and pretty much, only) known for his gigundo hit, "Thong Song." C'mon, you remember the "Thong Song," don't you? Of course you do! (That is, unless you spent the year 2000 hiding under a rock, or worse -- living in one of those sad, podunk towns that banned MTV altogether.)

Anyhow, for those of you who don't recall (or tried very, very hard to forget), Sisqo's poignant ode to barely-there underwear swept the nation like a pervy man's "Macarena," causing middle schoolers, soccer moms and grannies of all shapes and sizes to run to Victoria's Secret and plunk down $19.99 for a tiny, ill-fitting garment that bore an uncanny resemblance to dental floss.

And while the song didn't earn Sisqo a string of number-one hits, a long and fruitful career or a lasting place in pop culture history, it DID earn him the #1 spot on today's "Artists You Already Forgot About" countdown (Kidding! It's "One Hit Wonders") narrowly beating out such worthy competitors as Len's "Steal My Sunshine" (#9) and Lou Bega's "Mambo #5," (#3).

So relive the transient amazingness of "Thong Song," catch the rest of the 1-Hit Wonder Countdown and watch Lou Bega and Len's equally memorable/forgettable hit singles, after the jump.