New Bridges Photos! (Spoiler: Byrd Family Still Much, Much Hotter Than Yours)

(Credit: Ben Ritter)

We've made no secret of our (unrequited) love for a certain Disney-sponsored sibling act (GO JO BROS!). But turns out, there's still room in our hearts -- and our iPod playlists -- for another band who shares more than musical instruments. Like, for instance, the preternaturally attractive family affair known as The Bridges, who look like Cover Girl models (or at least up-and-coming CW stars) and sound like a folksier version of Sheryl Crow. Don't believe us? Check out these exclusive pics of the tightknit Southern fam (that's three sisters, one brother and a cousin) take another look at their latest video, "Pieces," and silently resent the Byrd and Painter fams for having the best DNA ever.