'Twilight' Tuesday: Paramore 'Decode' Video Clip

Holy Carlisle Cullen! It's a Twilight Tuesday TWOFER with both Bella Swan -- everyone's favorite uncoordinated plain Jane, Edward Cullen -- her enchanted, immortal J. Crew-sexy vampire boyfriend -- and Paramore, the real-life, not-haunted band that loves them!

Check out a 30-second clip of Paramore's new "Decode" video, from the soundtrack to the upcoming Twilight movie.

The full-length "Decode" video will be released November 3, and Twilight comes out in the States November 21. But you're probably reading this from your phone inside a Coleman tent from your spot in line outside your local movie theater.

Oh, and purists, don't worry -- the "Decode" video clip really doesn't spoil anything, unless you were unaware that the Twilight movie features scenes set in a forest.

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