Buzz Bites -- 10/28/2008: Jonas Brothers To Get Gassy In 'Walter The Farting Dog'

+ How many Jonases does it take to tell the (sorta) family-friendly story of a flatulent puppy? Answer: All four, baby! Oh, and did we mention that Nick, Kevin, Joe and, yes, Bonus Jonas (Eeeee!) are comin' soon, to a theater near you? We "smell" another box office smash... (MTV Movies)

+ You know how Germans love David Hasselhoff? Well, apparently Russians feel the same way about Jessica Simpson movies. (Fox News)

+ Christina Aguilera morphs into a "superhero biker chick" in her new video, "Keeps Gettin' Better." You know, like Lady Gaga, only louder. (MTV News)

+ Cutlery abuser Katy Perry spoons out a small serving of journalism ethics. (Scandalist)

+ Led Zeppelin to hit the road, sans frontman Robert Plant. Which should be great! In a Jackson 5-minus-Michael sorta way. (NME)

+ Olympic gold medalist/Lil Wayne fan Michael Phelps is living proof that you can do anything you put your mind to. Including charge $100K for a two-second meet-and-greet. (Best Week Ever)

+ Plus, watch the trailer from Beyonce's (or was that Sasha's?) new movie, Cadillac Records! (Gossip on This)