Locksley 'Choose Or Lose' Tour Diary, Part 3: Can We Tawk?

There are no words to describe Locksley's latest Choose or Lose tour diary. And we don't mean that in a cutesy, metaphorical or pseudo-philosophical kinda way. We mean, literally, there aren't any words. Like, at all. Unless you count the director (or whoever that guy is) saying "Okay, gentlemen, from the top." And we don't.

Still, the guys have tapped into their inner pantomimes and found the perfect way to express their unspoken thoughts through ... the medium of interpretive dance. So let the happy music take you away, admire Locksley's ventriloquist-like ability to speak without ever opening their mouths, and watch as the band takes a (much-needed) break from video games (finally!) to commemorate the halfway point of the Choose or Lose tour.

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