Buzz Bites -- 9/24/2008: Ciara Tricked Into Taking Off Her Clothes, Crouching Provocatively On Cover Of 'Vibe

(Photo Credit: Vibe Magazine)

+ Listen up, haters! Ciara wants you all to know she wasn't nekked in that infamous Vibe cover shoot after all. And we totally believe her! Um, hello! Did you not notice the 4-inch stripper heels?? (MTV)

+ Turns out Noel Gallagher still isn't fully recovered from The Attack of the Crazy Fan. Oasis was forced to cancel several more shows due to lingering injuries. (Oasis Net)

+ People confirms Clay Aiken's "YES, I'M GAY" bombshell. Find out why he's coming out now plus check out a time when he was still uber-sensitive about, well, everything. (MTV)

+ 50 Cent has written, produced and direct a film called Before I Self-Destruct, based on his album of the same name. "It’s not Purple Rain,” says Fiddy. “But it was inspired by the actual music.” Yeah, we don't know what that means, either, but we're picturing 8 Mile, except without the gratuitous Brittany Murphy sex scene. (Rolling Stone)

+ Friends say Travis Barker is "trying to stay upbeat" about the plane crash and his resulting injuries. (MTV)

+ The Biggie trailer makes us nostalgic for simpler times, when rappers dressed like Al Capone and Diddy stayed on the sidelines. (PopEater)

+ First Jessica Simpson storms the country scene ... now Darius Rucker (of Hootie from Hootie and the Blowfish fame!) has the #1 title on Billboard's Country Albums and Country Songs chart. Has the world gone mad?? (CMT)