Buzz Bites -- 9/19/2008: Jo Bros Take Nick Out For His Sweet 16! No Wonder Demi Lovato Luuuuurves Them...

+ Happy Bday, Nick Jonas! Nick belatedly celebrated his Super Sweet 16 by renting out Dodger stadium last night. And, presumably, by re-reading the virtual birthday card/love letter we wrote him on Tuesday. (E! Online)

+ Meanwhile, Demi Lovato will have you know that chivalry is not dead. According to her, the Jonas Brothers are "classy," "old-fashioned," "nice," "intelligent" and "professional." Plus, when it's raining, they'll totally drive you home in their golf cart! (Metro - UK)

+ Although Lily Allen's new album won't be out until February 9th, the singer promises it'll be worth the wait. "I am trying really hard to do this album with integrity," she says, "not just [throw] together last minute industry bullshizz." (Music Universe)

+ T.I.'s new album, Paper Trail, features a tribute to his late best friend ("Dead and Gone") that's at once sophisticated, heartfelt and remorseful. Even more incredible? "There are no girls, no dancing and no name-brand liquor on this track." (MTV)

+ Comeback queen Britney Spears may be heading back to court for those pre-VMAs driving-without-a-license charges everyone's already forgotten about. (Associated Press)

+ If Miley Cyrus likes older guys, we have a feeling she'll love Sean Connery. (Pop Eater)

+ Weezer's already hard at work on their next album (due out in November). First step? Finding a name. "If I had my way," says drummer Pat Wilson, "we would just use colors from now on, then we wouldn't have to think about titles." Chartreuse, anyone? (Billboard)

+ What do former professional wrestler Hulk Hogan and current Communist dictator Mao Zedong have in common? They both helped inspire Fall Out Boy's new "I Don't Care" video. (MTV)