New Video: Sia, 'Soon We'll Be Found'

Aussie solo chanteuse and former Zero 7 vocalist Sia -- think the pop sensibilities of Dido coupled with the poignancy of Portishead, minus the debilitating depression -- drops her latest video, and it's in sign language, with music too for you hearing folk. I'm impressed -- I only know about two words in ASL: one's "hi!," and the other's reserved for sh--ty-ass drivers who think they can just cut me off like the damned road was named after them or something.

Below, watch the gorgeous, fantastical video, replete with childlike primarily colors (it's like listening to Edith Piaf finger paint), scary shadow puppets, and Sia's trademark blonde pageboy. Plus, listen to her slow, stripped-back, haunting cover of Britney's "Gimmie More." (Look, ma! No Danjahandz!)

Then, watch members of D-PAN (no, no relation to T-Pain), perform Eminem's "Lose Yourself" and Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful."