T.I./ Kanye / Jay-Z/ Lil Wayne's 'Swagger' Don't Impress Diddy Much

GAWD, Diddy. Bitter much? Watch Diddy pour Froot Loops and extra pulp Tropicana all over "Swagger Like Us," the T.I./ Kanye/ Jay-Z/ Lil Wayne collabo (and don't forget about M.I.A. -- I personally would NOT want to piss her off) that leaked in August and got remixed by everyone and their moms.

Really Diddy? This from the same guy who once genuflected at the altar of Kanye West, despite the fact that Kanye's been referred to as the thinking man's Diddy and lots of folks out there have accused 'Ye of copping Diddy's flow, and vice versa, blah blah blah, back and forth forever. But easy now, Diddy. This is how ANGRY Kanye blog posts get born.

Watch Diddy do the Diddy Dance and then basically fall asleep on "Swagger Like Us" at TheHipHopChronicle.com.