Sex Doctor Thinks The Jonas Brothers' Purity Rings Could Be A Laughing Matter

Yesterday, for reasons I still can't pinpoint, I was watching the Today show, and old-school octogenarian sexpert Dr. Ruth Westheimer, who's currently pimping her new book about kiddos and the nasty, was on. She weighed in on the Jonas Brothers and their notorious no-nookie rings after the pushy Kathie Lee Gifford brought up the issue of preggo teens and babies havin' babies. (Jamie-Lynn Spears! Bristol Palin! Juno! Oh my!)

Dr. Ruth perceived the Jonas Brothers' no-play pact as a fashion statement, and argued (not necessarily unreasonably), that the matter should be a personal and private one. (On a side note, when I spent two days with the Jonas Brothers during "Jonas Brothers: Live & Mobile," I was politely asked beforehand not to ask questions about the rings because the guys didn't really want to talk about them. They also didn't want to discuss the now-even-more controversial rings in their August 2008 Rolling Stone magazine cover story. So, um, blame Russell Brand!) But Dr. Ruth then also made another, somewhat absurd argument against the Jonas Brothers and their purity rings, and that's that "the other kids" could make fun of them. So much for that "who cares what other kids think?" argument!

Jonases, know this: Dr. Ruth is only 4'7," which means you can totally take her! Then again, if she's still around when you guys do get hitched, you know who to turn to for sex tips. Gross, I know, but she must be doing something right if she's still doing it at 80 years old. Watch the video below, if you can handle it. Hoda Kotb can barely deal.