Gym Class Heroes: It's The Remix To 'Degrassi'

Gym Class Heroes have a brand-new album out -- their critically acclaimed fourth LP, a patchwork of sounds they aptly named The Quilt. And while they insist they're a foursome and not just Travis McCoy's vanity vehicle (and neither is his girlfriend, Katy Perry), they're working on side hustles -- as a band, of course.

Check out their remixed version of the Degrassi TV show theme song (the new season starts Friday, October 10). I'm a big Travis fan, but I'm an even bigger fan of the spliced-in soundbytes: "Is playing football really worth all this?" And "I'm not going to have sex with you." But not as much as I'm a fan of Clare. She's Andrea Zuckerman (Vasquez) 2.0!

Watch Gym Class Heroes' Degrassi remix video, and, watch Gym Class discuss "Cookie Jar" in the heat of the desert.