Oh! It's 'That' Song: Lenka, 'The Show'

That sweet "I'm just a little bit caught in the middle/ Life is a maze and love is a riddle" coming-of-age/ soundtrack-of-self-discovery song you've heard on all those Ugly Betty promos and in commercials for Old Navy? That's Lenka. Her song "Don't Let Me Fall" was in the premiere episode of the new 90210 (it's like Gossip Girl, but less OMG-ier!) And if there were a Sara Bareilles/ Yael Naim/ Emily Haines school of songwriting, the Aussie singer-songwriter would its fourth member. (The former Decoder Ring singer's also a deadringer for Rose McGowan, except Lenka is really cute and not frightening.)

Watch Lenka's incredibly darling new video, "The Show" -- very Feist-y without as much awkward dancing -- and listen to her self-titled album before it hits stores next week at VH1.com.

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