Album Preview: Cold War Kids, 'Loyalty to Loyalty'

Two years after their 2006 debut, Robbers and Cowards, the Cold War Kids are back with their long-awaited sophomore album, Loyalty to Loyalty. And while the West Coast indie rockers still have that edgy Bob Dylan featuring The White Stripes sound, this time they're all about the musical theory. (Like Radiohead! Only with higher-pitched voices and a smidge of Amy Winehouse's anger management issues). In fact, CWK frontman Nathan Willett describes their new album as "structurally, lyrically and musically" superior to Robbers and Cowards, and claims it "has a much more round, warm and darker sound."

So if you're feeling sorta angsty, check out Loyalty to Loyalty on "The Leak" at and preview all 13 tracks before the album hits stores. We recommend the jivey-sounding "Something is Not Right with Me" (video below) and the opening track "No Privacy." Then take another look at 2006's "Hang Me Up to Dry" to see whether Robbers and Cowards truly is harder, colder and brighter by comparison.