Buzz Bites -- 9/16/2008: Miley Cyrus Is Maybe-Dating The 'Love' Of Taylor Swift's Life!

+ Is Miley Cyrus really going out with a super-hot, much older male underwear model?? And is he really Taylor Swift's former beau? Or is this all just one big ploy to make Nick Jonas jealous? If so, we can think of at least seven things wrong with that. (LAT)

+ After working it with Missy Elliott, the Pussycat Dolls learn how to put their thang down, flip it AND reverse it. (MTV)

+ Jack White describes what it was like to "Bond" with Alicia Keys. (Rolling Stone)

+ Amy Winehouse exposes her husband's ding dong, gives whole new meaning to the term "overshare." (The Sun - UK)

+ Avril Lavigne releases her new clothing line. You'll know it's hers because of its unique punk rebelliousness! And because it has her face plastered all over it. (ONTD)

+ Frances Bean (a.k.a. daughter of Kurt Cobain/Courtney Love) throws herself a Super Suicide 16 party. Yay? (Scandalist)

+ LL Cool J is all about the hip-hop in Exit 13. Not surprising, considering he totally represents Queens. (MTV)