New Video: Taylor Swift, 'Love Story'

Taylor Swift's new "Love Story" video suggests a possible preference toward historical reenactment, and it also may or may not be a little foretelling too. Um, hi -- she looks like she's in a WEDDING DRESS. Ahem.

And you know how those Jonas Brothers (she referred to them as her "favorite people in the world" at the VMAs) like to play dress up; can't you just PICTURE a certain Jonas Brother (you know... the one who straightens his hair and who's the same one who Taylor's PROBABLY DEFINITELY DATING?) in one of those flowy white poet shirts? The kind that laces up? Like the guy in the video who, from behind, looks like the guy I'm referring to is wearing? Because I sorta can... I call "knews it" on an Elizabethan-themed wedding. I'll live blog it!


+ Watch Taylor on the VMA red carpet!

+ Joe and Taylor hug! Eee!

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