Jonas Brothers Bring New Meaning To 'Run Through,' Turn Paramount Into Pamplona

Nothing says “you’ve been sitting on your ass, blogging for four days straight” better than running around the Paramount lot with several hundred Jonas Brothers fans dressed like Jonas Sisters, under the hot Hollywood sun for over two hours.

Those of you in the advanced stages of OJD probably have spent enough time online tonight to know that Jonas Brothers held their VMA rehearsal here just a few short hours ago and that it involved a New York street set, hundreds of JB fans, and running. Epic, unbelievable amounts of running (for me anyway). And like the faithful Jonas Brothers correspondent I am, I was entrenched in the crowd of the lucky OJD fans rehearsing for tomorrow’s show (you can play "Spot the BlackBerrying Blogger" in the last photo of this post. Warning: digression -- yes, I am indeed wearing a fanny pack, and I'm fine with that, even though I've been subjected to ridicule by some of my co-workers back in the production offices. They just don't get that hands free is the only way to be. I'll show them!)

The hundreds of fan-extras were broken up into several groups, and while some proximity-to-the-Jonas-Brothers turf wars broke out between the clusters of the extras, between-takes downtime was ultimately spent debating the merits of getting a guitar pick from Kevin versus Nick -- “I just want Nick to rub it on his guitar!” one girl yelled. She then went off on a tangent about her plan to alert Oprah if she couldn't get closer to the Jonases during their VMA performance. I then moved as far away as possible from that girl.

While panting "running" in the crowd, one fan near me tripped, and I unintentionally caught it as I was filming the run on my Flipcam. For the record (especially you, MTV Legal Department, if you’re reading this, and if you are, why are you reading this blog and not court cases or something?), I reached down to help her, but she sprung up like a prize fighter. When I caught up with her after the take and asked if she was okay, she begged me to post the video on Buzzworthy. Again, the amazing restorative powers of Jonas. (Don’t worry Legal, she was fine.)

Moving right along, check out more photos from the rehearsal and two video clips I shot from inside the crowd -- one of me running like mad, and one of Nick tuning up. Meanwhile I’ll be icing my shins.

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