Pink Goes Through The Ups And Downs Of VMA Rehearsal

Regular girls kick guys to the curb. Pink kicks them underground. Underground as in going towards the train platform.

The singer was part action heroine today during preliminary rehearsals for her VMA performance.

"Rock and roll," she yelled from a fire escape on the back lot of Paramount studio. Standing next to a stunt woman, Pink was getting direction on how to slide down a large piece of silk.

Basically, you wrap your right leg around it, hold on tight and work your way down. The fearless performer had originally told MTV she wanted to straight up jump down to the street below, but the plan's been switched to a graceful slide-down maneuver.

"Fu-- it," she said with a grin before lowering herself to the ground, wearing a tank top, sweat pants, platform heels and shades. She would repeat the process several times.

"How was it?" She asked on the ground.

On Sunday, when she's doing the real thing, getting down to the ground is only going to be the start of the chaos. During "So What (I'm Still a Rock Star)," when she sings, "I wanna start a fight," you'll actually see it. Just ask the poor stunt man who keeps getting a boot to the chest and falling down steps leading to the subway. Don't worry about him though... he's taken that same tumble a couple of times on "CSI."

"Am I gonna have this?" Pink asks with a grin when handed a flame thrower.

"She's itching to try it!" one of the many people surrounding her said.

Later, it was back up the fire escape where Pink would have a heavy laugh with her female stunt coordinator. The singer said something that frightened the woman.

"I think I owe you two a drink after this," Pink screamed to a man below while pointing to the stunt woman. Although, for the singer, "It's not fun unless you're scared."

Right before the end of rehearsal, Pink tried to give her stunt a go in reverse. She did a handstand, then with bare feet tried to climb up to the fire escape. She made it about 80 percent up before doing a backflip--hands still gripping the silk--and going back down.

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