Paramore Rehearses For The VMAs, And I'm Stuck In A Truck

It’s Paramore's inaugural VMA appearance, and not only are they nominated for Best Rock Video, but they’ll also be performing live from Hollywood’s historic Whisky club on Sunset Boulevard -- where Guns 'N Roses and Metallica played back in the day.

Since they'll be about four miles from VMA HQ here at Paramount, Paramore's big performance will happen live via satellite. And earlier today I got a chance to jump inside the Pegasus production truck (a portable control room full of monitors, miles of cable and tons of knobs and dials that look like some kind of Star Trek console) back here at the Paramount lot to watch the live feed of their rehearsal.

From the monitor, I could tell that the always-adorbs Hayley had on a yellow t-shirt, jeans and chunky black shoes (very Riot grrl!), but more importantly, without even being in the Whisky, (and maybe I’m not supposed to say this, but whatever, I’m going to), I can just tell that Paramore’s performance is going to be one of my favorites of the night, which is saying a lot.

Even from inside the tiny, cramped production truck, where the VMA producers were clapping and cheering in between shouting cues (“LIGHTS!” “BRING THAT CAMERA IN TIGHTER AND FOLLOW HAYLEY!”), you could totally feel Paramore’s raw vitality. And that’s just watching Paramore rehearse three days before the VMAs. On a monitor the size of a laptop screen. In a cramped truck. So, seriously, when Paramore performs Sunday night, get ready to be blown away.

Until then, check out a few photos I shot from my BlackBerry, from inside the truck.

Check out more photos after the jump, and watch Paramore discuss their shot at the VMA.

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