Kid Rock -- All Business In Bedroom Slippers

I used to think the best thing about Kid Rock is how the dude is basically a backyard BBQ, pool party and ice-cold case of Coors in the form of a guy with a record deal.

But that was before I sat 10 feet from the Rock himself and watched him rehearse "All Summer Long," which he'll be performing with a full band -- plus woodwinds! and Lil Wayne! -- Sunday night at the VMAs. (Watch the rehearsal of the Warren Zevon-meets-Lynyrd Skynyrd at a Bob Seger concert mash-up at the end of Russell Brand's 2008 MTV VMA Press Conference here and below.)

Now I know the best thing about Kid Rock is that he rehearses in white bedroom slippers.

Even on stage in Hollywood, Kid Rock, the country-rap crossover redeemer, is genetically programmed to keep it chill.

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