Jonas Brothers VMA Sneak Preview: Their Performance Set Revealed!

From here on the ground, the Paramount Studios lot looks like part world of warehouses, part junkyard, and part microcosm of American cities and landmarks. Fake Midtown Manhattan juts up next to not-Ukranian Village Chicago -- that's next to a fake hospital with no patients or doctors, which sits flush with studios, stages and sets the size of airplane hangers, where movies like Raiders of the Lost Ark, Top Gun, Mission Impossible, The Ten Commandments (heard of it?) and the Hitchcock classic, Rear Window were filmed.

Sitting down on stoops and steps can prove problematic on movie sets -- what looks like concrete may be cardboard, and brick might actually be breakaway glass. For example, this “Brooklyn brownstone” looks a lot like the one I live in back in “real” New York. Except this brownstone is Brooklyn, New York, 90038, surrounded by palm trees, not pigeons. The "bricks" are made of paint and something that looks like professional-grade Contact paper, and the back of this not-brownstone is propped up by freshly cut wood two-by-fours, nuts, and bolts.

Unlike real brownstones, this get-up’s on wheels. And also unlike real Brooklyn brownstones, the Jonas Brothers will be performing live on this one this Sunday at the VMAs.

Also, unlike most brownstones, which fit maybe 100 people if you’re really pushing fire codes, the Jonas Brothers are somehow going to squeeze close to 1,000 rabid JB fans into this one. How are they going to pull that off? I'm no Hitchcock, so don't ask me.

Watch the VMAs this Sunday, September 7 at 9pm sharp to witness the Jonas Brothers-go-to-Hollywood movie magic live. (Plus, watch Kevin Jonas share his brownstone dreams -- you and me both, Kevin! -- in this video from Jonas Brothers: Live & Mobile.)