Buzz Bites -- 9/3/2008: Miley's Got A Brand New Jag! (Okay, Fine, It's Really A Benz)

+ Underage driver Miley Cyrus gets (herself) an early Sweet 16 present. (Scandalist)

+ It's the end of the world ... and the All-American Rejects know it. (Rolling Stone)

+ You know you're Katy Perry when you have to actually TRY to not be sexy. (MTV)

+ Pepa (of Salt-N-Pepa fame) has just written her memoirs! Word has it, they just might make you wanna shoop. (BWE)

+ Slipknot beats out The Game on the latest Billboard 200 album chart. Weirdest rivalry ever? (Billboard)

+ New Kids on the Block are still refusing to fade into pop culture obscurity. (Idolator)

+ Fashion experts explain how to rock the VMAs red carpet without looking like something the cat -- or worse, Lil' Kim! -- dragged in. (MTV)