VMA Mayhem Monday: Olympic MVP / VMA Most-Eligible Bachelor Michael Phelps & Miley Cyrus Will Both Attend The VMAs... Possibly Together?

As someone who knows little about sports, the main talking points I know about Michael Phelps, aside from the fact that he won eight gold medals at the Olympics, is that he listens to Lil Wayne, he has the wingspan of 18 condors or something, and he can eat, like a billion pizzas for breakfast because he burns off that many calories just by pulling on his Speedo.

What I also know: Michael Phelps is basically single but also been seen making out with hot chicks, including Australian swimmer Stephanie Rice, who was dating his rival, Eamon Sullivan. (And according to one of our VMA production assistants here, "I don't think making out with your rival's girlfriend makes you not single, it only makes you awesome." Very well then!)

Also: Michael Phelps will be presenting a Moonman at the 2008 VMAs on Sunday, September 7th, and his presence alone could be absolute mayhem -- he's reached rock star status himself at this point, and he'll be one of the most eligible bachelor in Hollywood that night, because everyone knows that the VMAs are basically one big hook-up fest that just so happens to involve acceptance speeches.

Okay, so we've established that Michael Phelps, is totally loaded -- hellloooooo Nike endorsement deal -- basically single and arguably one of the 2008 VMAs' more totally eligible bachelors (besides the men of Tokio Hotel, and by the way, happy birthday Kaulitzes).

And that's good for lots of ladies, including Miley Cyrus, who'll also be presenting an award. And after winning five awards this year (two Teen Choice Awards, two Nick Kids' Choice Awards, and a Young Artist Award), an album that opened at #1 and a VMA nom for Best New Artist, she's like the Michael Phelps of teen pop! And after winning 16 total medals, Michael Phelps is like the Miley Cyrus... of swimming! AND Miley's also arguably single -- she's MAYBE dating Step Up 2: The Streets' Adam Sevani (who just so happens to resemble her ex, Nick Jonas). But I don't see any ring on Miley's finger. And you know who could afford a really nice ring? MICHAEL PHELPS!

They're both Disney darlings, they've both been on TRL, um, their names both start with "M," and they'll both be presenting awards at the 2008 VMAs! THEY HAVE MORE IN COMMON THAN ANYONE EVER THOUGHT! So, a Miley and Michael hook-up? Someone needs to make that happen. MP + MC 4ever? MAYBE!


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