Buzz Bites -- 8/28/2008: Happy 5-0, Michael Jackson!

+ Happy bday, MJ! The man behind "Billy Jean," "Beat It" and "The Way You Make Me Feel" turns half a century old today! Or half a century young, if you're feeling optimistic. (Scandalist)

+ And in honor of the birthday boy, here's a photo flipbook spanning Jacko's three-decade-long musical career. (Rolling Stone)

+ Meanwhile, Faith Hill and Jessica Simpson make EW's Top 20 Worst Cover Songs Ever list. (The Boot)

+ Breaking: Miley Cyrus' "7 Things" is about Nick Jonas! Probably! (MTV)

+ Which still doesn't explain why Tim Gunn just described her as "too tarty." (NYP)

+ Kid Rock's latest album continues to blow up! "Suck it, iTunes!" he says. (Billboard)

+ Remember that guy who leaked nine sorta sucky songs from Guns N' Roses' new album? Turns out he could be in for some serious jail time! (Idolator)

+ Fat Joe calls Daddy Yankee a sellout for supporting John McCain and his mysterious female/Alaskan running mate. (MTV)