Buzz Bites -- 8/28/2008: Solange Knowles Will Not Tolerate Unprofessionalism

+ Trust us, you do not want to mess with Solange Knowles before she's had her morning coffee. (The Hip Hop Chronicle)

+ It's official: Usher has the best abs in the business. WE KNEW IT! (Black Voices)

+ T-Pain is accused of ruining gospel music. (MTV)

+ Axl Rose is courting Kelly Osbourne the only way he knows how. (Scandalist)

+ Chris Brown is serious about voting for Barack Obama. Dead serious... (Best Week Ever)

+ Are the Jonas Brothers growing up?? Because we were kinda hoping they'd stay EXACTLY THE WAY THEY ARE for the rest of our lives. Or at least till we're, like, 30.  (MTV)

+ Fountains of Wayne frontman Adam Shlesinger to write for The Colbert Report. (Stereogum)

+ T.I.'s "Whatever You Like" is already living up to its name. (Billboard)

+ Oasis inspires Metallica's Lars Ulrich to give up cocaine. (NME)

+ Hilary Duff's dad to spend 10 days in jail for refusing to pay for his daughter's bday party. Worst. Birthday. Ever. (Yahoo!)